Get the most
from Design.

Hello—I am an experience design leader, based in San Francisco. I work with companies at the intersection of design, business and technology to help them capitalize on opportunities for creating customer value and maximize the potential of design. I believe that this is the key to becoming a design-driven organization.

“Design-Driven Companies Outperform the S&P Over Ten Years by 228%” - DMI Value Index

My Focus

Modern, forward-thinking companies understand that good design is good business.

However, many still struggle to maximize the potential of design. Business tends to be preoccupied with creating efficiencies and controlling costs, instead of creating customer value and engagement. Business often inadvertently treats design as an expense rather than a critical mindset to guide decisions. As a result, design is applied as “spot treatments” to areas where it has the least impact. In the worst case scenario, the role of design is so minimized that the outcome amounts to little more than window dressing.

Following an experience design framework, through my project work, I show companies ways to create a healthy and very necessary collaboration between Design and Business, and gradually reveal the path to successfully transforming into a customer-centric, design-driven organization.

“..there’s an opportunity and responsibility for designers to play a larger role in economic development and leadership. I call it moving from lowercase d design, to capital D Design, to dollar sign De$ign.” - John Maeda

Working with Me

Here’s some of the things you can expect when working with me:

I'm a Big Picture Thinker
I take a holistic approach to problem solving by understanding the business environment and how the brand should inform the experience. I look at the entire customer journey over time, across channels and touch points, and consider the multiple, often complex connections between all the players on the field.

I Love Collaboration
I work along side business and technology to collaboratively discover and plan, together finding our way to the right opportunities and priorities.

Design is Always On
I operate from the belief that design should always be “on”. Design leadership must have a seat at the decision making table for all key decisions driving the business. By doing so, the focus shifts to the creation of customer value and engagement—a cornerstone of design-driven organizations.

Experiences Depend on Time and Place

I look at the entire customer journey and continuously work to identify opportunities to create customer value and increase customer engagement at every touch point across the entire customer lifecycle.

I Try to Teach as I Go
I put my experience as an educator to good use by helping bridge silos between disparate groups within the organization by creating a system of shared values that allows for quicker alignment on key issues that have the greatest impact on the business.

The Designs Get Better with Iteration
My design process is iterative and often encourages business stakeholders, developers and customers to participate in the process through design studio workshops.

I Keep My Side of the Street Lean
I follow principles of agile and lean methodologies by minimizing documentation and testing functional prototypes with targeted customers early and often until success targets are reached.

Looking for Opportunities

I'm looking for strategic partners that have immediate design needs, and are open to the idea of integrating design more into the every day decisions driving the business.

I believe that any company can become a design-driven organization and that future success will increasingly depend on successfully translating your brand essence into customer experiences that drive value at every touch point.

If you have an interest in maximizing the potential of design to sustain ongoing success, I can help.