Case Study: Reinvigorating a legacy open-source technology brand.

Resetting perceptions about open-source technology for the enterprise.

Image of TrueNAS website home page hero


IX Systems is the leading provider of open source network attached storage solutions.

Marketing leadership asked Brinton Design to develop a new identity system for their renamed flagship product TrueNAS, that would move them away from some of the legacy challenges inherent in the old system, and position the brand to grow with the organization gracefully well into the future.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity System
  • Brand Expression
  • Brand Styleguide
Image of TrueNAS final logo designs
Image of TrueNAS icon construction on isometric grid
Image of TrueNAS icon construction on isometric grid
Image showing select slides from TrueNAS planning doc

Discovery & Strategic Planning

To quickly gain an understanding of the problem space, Brinton facilitated discovery workshops with client stakeholders to understand their business model, the products and services, and target audience. We then analyzed key competitors, developed buyer personas and identified gaps and opportunities. As a final step, we wrote a design brief to guide the creative process for the identity design, informed by the discovery findings.

Image showing select slides from TrueNAS planning doc

TrueNAS Brand Guidelines

In the "Brand Expression" phase of the project, Brinton explored a range of treatments for type, photography, illustration, graphic devices and creative language. Brinton then documented the resulting design system in a written set of brand guidelines to help the TrueNAS team be good stewards for the brand and help maintain the integrity of the system over time as it evolves with the company.

Image of TrueNAS home page mockup with new brand system applied

TrueNAS Website Homepage Mockup

To provide further guidance to the TrueNAS team for how to use the new brand language, Brinton created a full mockup of the TrueNAS home page, demonstrating thoughtful applications of each element in the design system.

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We needed to nail this product launch. Brinton Design not only made sure that happened, but they truly brought our brand to the next level."