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We help startups start right.

There's so much to do and think about to get your product conceptualized, prototyped, tested, built and launched. The technical complexity, the partnerships that need to be developed, materials to be sourced, lowering BOM costs, seamless fulfillment — no wonder so many new ventures struggle to devote enough attention to brand strategy, digital experience and marketing.

Born digital, Brinton is a business-minded creative agency helping nascent brands thrive in the connected world. We work with passionate founders of deserving startups to help them accelerate their product to market, with a high quality brand experience and an intelligent digital marketing set up.

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Why startups?

We've heard that question a lot. Some people tell us we’re crazy. Here's the story:

Brinton’s founder, Tony Brinton, spent over 20 years working in leadership positions at agencies, design studios and design consulting firms in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

During that time, he felt most fulfilled when he was able to work directly with founders and decision makers at startups—or independently owned companies that embraced a startup mentality—to do exceptional work without the multiple layers of management, friction and inertia that so often exists in corporate settings.

When Tony opened Brinton Design in 2015, he knew the best work of his life was ahead of him, and he wanted to share those successes with deserving startups, bringing them big agency value for a fraction of the price at twice the speed.

While many of the clichés about startups exist for a reason, we attribute the successful experience we've had with our clients to a shared set of core values and a passion for excellence.

Our clients

Some well-deserving startups that we have helped go to market with amazing brands.

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Smart people saying nice things about us:

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We needed to nail this product launch. Brinton Design not only made sure that happened, but they truly brought our brand to the next level.

From start to finish, we were floored by the holistic approach and depth of thought that Brinton Design put into our brand strategy and logo project. In a few weeks, they helped us overcome long-standing marketing challenges with ease. What's more, as we went through the process, the bonus insights and feedback they gave about our business model and brand image were equally valuable.

We have a complex product and an even more unique business model. It often takes months for new Marketing hires to fully grasp what Brinton Design was able to pick up in a matter of a few brief conversations. We instantly felt like they were part of our Marketing team and fully intend on working with them again in the future. Truly impressive.”

Brett Davis
Executive Vice President

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Our principles

Think holistically.

Operate at the intersection of design, business and technology; people, art and science.

Focus on outcomes.

Train your sights on the creation of value for customers and the business. The rest will follow.

Practice empathy.

Demonstrate a genuine interest in knowing the people you are designing for. Be human.

Small teams win.

We believe in the power of a two-person core design team and avoiding committees.

Do no harm.

Don’t create light where there is no darkness. Don't solve non-problems. Don’t let your design get in the way.

Don't be fussy.

Strive for the simplest, most complete solution. Reduce until you can't anymore without losing something important.

No heroes. No victims.

We’re in it together. Everyone’s commitment and contribution is critical to achieving success.

Don’t be humorless.

There’s no better way to drain the creativity out of a project. It just doesn’t work.

Images of studio environment

We help startups start right.

For recommendations on where to start and what to prioritize, schedule some time with us and we’ll provide a free readiness assessment.

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